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Volunteering With The GMMT


For those still interested in volunteering for the 9th Annual Global Marijuana March please note this very important date to get involved!

Thursday April 19th - 6:30pm @ Queens Park (middle Statue w/benches)

We could use more help with the following:


Thanks to those who already picked up their packages. It's going to be a
great March! See you there...

If you would like to become a member of the Global Marijuana March Toronto organization, you can contact us at: info@cannabisweek.ca, and give us your details and background. Key volunteer positions are still available.

This is an exciting time in Canada for cannabis law reform.. The GMMT organization is a great group of dedicated and passionate people, with terrific morale and a real sense of community in purpose.

If you want to enjoy GMMT during the weekend of the event but still have to be involved in one of the most important civil rights issues of your time, you can help us promote the event by distributing fliers and posters within your community.

E-mail us and we'll set you up as the event draws near.

Download a volunteer form here

Past Events

February 23, 2006
Volunteer Info Nite
Kindred Café 7 Breadlebane Ave Toronto 7-9pm

March 30,2006
Volunteer Nite
Neutral 349 College Ave @ Augusta

April 20,2006 @ 8:00 pm
Volunteer Nite
Location: The Hot Box Cafe 191A Baldwin Street
This is the night when you get to see the new look, the posters and get your first peek at what is going be the best Global Marijuana March Toronto has ever seen!

April 22, 2006
The Hwy 420 Project
The official launch of all Global Marijuana March of Toronto promotions materials, we will launch in Niagara Falls and throughout Ontario and Canada...let the postering begin!!!

The movement for legalization of marijuana and hemp is facing an uphill battle. Though some decriminalization measures have been introduced by the government of Canada, many activists believe that decriminalizing marijuana is not enough.

Meanwhile, everywhere in North America, countless medical and recreational users,
as well as growers, still face persecution from police and employers. Recent events
in Ontario, Alberta, and all over the United States, show that our rights as users of
marijuana and hemp are practically nonexistent.

This is why we have to continuously remind ourselves: just because once a year we
are allowed by the powers that be to gather together for a celebration of this wonderful plant,the fight is far from over!!

So roll a big one and get involved! Here are some of the many things you can do to
defend your rights.




Write to every Member of Parliament and demand complete legalization of marijuana!
Let them know that the people who elected
them demand that the plant that has medical, industrial, energy and recreational uses
must be accessible to all that need it!

List of Members of Canadian Parliament


Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Since September 11th...While it always behooves us to keep an open mind about any new measures, our open mind should be accompanied by a cool head and a skeptical disposition. If we were to needlessly surrender any of our precious freedoms, we could wind up awarding the terrorists a gratuitous victory.




Media Awareness Project
A worldwide network dedicated to drug policy reform. We inform public opinion and promote balanced media coverage.

We believe that prohibition is a system which unleashes powerful forces, most notably the illegal drug markets, that inevitably make the underlying drug problem worse while adding a series of costly unintended side effects, including damage to the very values upon which free nations have been founded.



Marijuana Party of Canada

The Marijuana Party began with the primary concern that the
Federal government should stop criminalizing cannabis.

Cannabis is a matter of Federal law because it is criminalized.

If possession and cultivation of cannabis was no longer criminal,
then the only remaining role for the Federal government would be
to possibly use the Federal spending powers to subsidize cannabis.



Frank Discussion
is intended as a resource for people interested in educating themselves about cannabis and
the politics that keep this plant illegal.

"We're not decriminalizing marijuana, to be technical, it will remain a criminal offense. What we are putting in place are alternative penalties, in using the Contraventions Act. I admit that using "decrim" at the beginning was not a good start, but over the past few months we have been quite clear about what we're doing."

[Martin Cauchon - former Justice Minister, during questioning
by the House of Commons Committee on Illegal Drugs regarding
the proposed "decriminalization" bill. November 2003.]


NORML - The National Organization of Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada
The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in Canada It's 2005, and Canadians are still victims of our country's failed marijuana policy. As the Senate Committee on Illegal Drugs unanimously concluded in 2002 after an exhaustive 20 month investigation: prohibition causes more harm to Canadians than marijuana itself.



We will testify in court how harsh the current regulations really are on patients who find themselves in need of cannabis. We will testify what crap the government tried to pass off as medical grade pot and why growing a variety of marijuana strains is absolutely crucial to relieving pain. We would have preferred to stay in the shadows, grow our pot, pay our taxes and be mute, we were happy with what we achieved so far but here we are and here we will testify.

Follow Mark of Toronto420.com's
Constitutional Challenge
to the current version of the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations which currently govern all legal medical cannabis issues in Canada


Drug Policy Alliance Logo

Drug Policy Alliance

The Alliance is the leading organization working to end the war on drugs in the United States. We envision new drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights and a just society in which the fears, prejudices and punitive prohibitions of today are no more.




A UK-based guide to Cannabis policies and events worldwide!



Educators For Sensible Drug Policy has members in Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica and Japan. We are working to create a Speaker's Bureau of knowledgeable and articulate educators who can describe the impact of these failed drug policies on things like safety, the relationship between student/teacher, teacher/administration and student/administration and also describe the human and financial costs of current drug policies.

Unfortunately, our schools are often times the battlegrounds upon which the "War on Drugs" is waged, with our children always ending up the victims. EFSDP is committed to combating the Higher Education Act Amendment, D.A.R.E. in our schools, and the drug testing of students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities.


Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

is a US-based organization of current and former
law enforcement workers who support
drug regulation, not prohibition.

LEAP's goals are: (1) To educate the public, the media, and policy makers, to the failure of current drug policy by presenting a true picture of the history, causes and effects of drug use and the elevated crime rates‹more properly related to drug prohibition than to drug pharmacology‹and (2) To restore the public's respect for police, which has been greatly diminished by law enforcement's involvement in imposing drug prohibition.


Welcome to Canadian Cannabis Coalition

Canadian Cannabis Coalition

This portal is provided as an information clearinghouse where experienced leaders, experts and pioneers in the diverse cannabis industry can share knowledge with all stakeholders, law makers/enforcers, the public and journalists, and to augment the community of participating organizations within the coalition.


The aims of the Foundation include:
  • acting as a forum for the exchange of views among those interested in reform of drug policies
  • serving as a vehicle for sharing those views and for discussing significant drug policy issues with government, the public, other organizations and the media, and
  • where necessary, recommending alternatives that will make Canada's drug laws and policies effective and humane.


Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy


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